Marshwood Vale romance

As 2020 has been a stressful & disappointing year for so many prospective brides & grooms, & with the majority of my clients forced to postpone their weddings amidst ever changing restrictions, I chose not to post pictures of past happy couples, parties & family fun & took an online break instead!

But now the season is behind us & we’re starting to look towards next year, I can definitely see some positives to what we’ve just been through, namely, the upside of cut back, intimate weddings. For those couples that did go ahead, some with only witnesses & children in attendance, the scale & intimacy of the occasion took away all the stress & freed up loads of time for romance!

This fabulous wedding in the Marshwood Vale, West Dorset, was the perfect example. Imagine walking through the fields of your farm with your new bride, September sunshine, a cool breeze, views down to the sea… surely the ultimate romantic wedding day?