‘Little Paradise’, Cesky Sumburk, North Bohemia

I came upon this scene quite by chance while walking in the woods in Cesky Sumburk, North Bohemia. Stumbling over the eerie remnants from the past I imagined a grim tale from the dark days of communism. But to the contrary, a local farmer put me straight…
During the communist era this had been a thriving factory complex providing employment for many of the local villagers, community rooms & play facilities for their families & a large canteen. Locals still recall how good the food from this canteen was. “It was a hive of activity here, a little paradise’ he said.
After the revolution productivity declined. Grants to refurbish it were squandered by corrupt officials and eventually it closed completely a few years ago, leaving the area much the poorer. Unemployment and youth migration are now changing the structure and traditions of village life there. Scavengers have been & gone.photocrati gallery