I enjoy communicating with images, telling a story with pictures.  I like exploring & combining the artistic with the factual, the detail with the bigger picture, objects & moods, people & their environment..

I also love working with people, listening & interpreting their ideas, coming up with visual solutions & most of all telling their story their way.

My interest in visual communication started when I was young & living abroad in countries with impossible languages.  Initially I worked in the arts & taught English as a foreign language.  It wasn’t until I came back to England to start a family that I trained in photography, becoming an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society & starting my own business in 2000.

I photograph weddings, events & people as well as commercial & documentary commissions.  I love the variety & find it helps me approach each job with fresh energy.  I have a studio space & a portable lighting system, but for portraiture I choose natural light whenever possible. I mostly work alone but have assistants  if the job requires.         

My work has taken me all over the world from Papua New Guinea to Prague, Brazil to Romania & presented me with plenty of challenges along the way.  But whether it’s  weddings in the rain, action in the dark, royalty in a second, babies in tears,  challenges are what makes my job interesting & thinking on my feet is what makes it fun,  I love my job!

So if you’re having a celebration or it’s your wedding day, you’re launching a new range of products or a new website & you’d like your story told in pictures, please get in touch.  It will be my pleasure.